Welcome to Wellnessure

Hello everyone, my name is Richard and welcome to my health and wellness blog. Let me start by saying this, I am fat. I stand at 171 cm (5'6") tall and weigh 89.5 kg (197 lbs). I calculated my BMI (Body Mass Index) and realized that I am already in the range of Obesity. Take note, I was only 68 kg (150 lbs) about three and half years ago before I got my job. There are a lot of causes that lead my body to become like this but the biggest culprit of them all was my stress-eating habit. Whenever I'm subjected to a lot of stress, the only thing that comes to my mind was food. It always felt like food was the only way to relieve my stresses that I'm having with my work. 

I had been in sleep debt for the past few months and tend to spend my weekend just sleeping the whole day. I often have tension headaches that eventually led to migraine because of all of the stresses that I've been having lately. I've been taking my health for granted for these past months that when I took a closer look at myself at the mirror, I realized that I'm not the guy I used to be anymore. I look pale and my stomach was as big as a 7th month old pregnant belly. This was the time I realized that my health is much more important than my work.

The next day, I submitted my resignation letter and rendered my 45 days for turnover. At last, today's the day that I'm officially unemployed and I can finally focused on bringing myself back to health and the first step in doing that is to bring my BMI back to normal. In my case, I need to lose weight. For me and for most people, losing weight is a very hard thing to do. It may take weeks or even months to have that desired shape. Losing weight may take longer than others but it will eventually pay off if we maintain the most important factor of them all and that is discipline. We may exercise everyday but eat more than what we need. That's not going to work. In this case, no matter how much we exercise, we would always gain more than what we should lose. We may exercise and have a veggie diet for 6 days a week but on the 7th day and as the diet enthusiast called it, the cheat day, we may indulge ourselves in sweets and fatty foods that would satisfy a week's craving. That would not help either. 

We need to have discipline. We may exercise everyday but we only need to have enough calories to almost get us through the day. If we can consume even less calories per day then even better, just don't overdo it. Also, I'm not saying that you should not a have cheat day. Having a cheat day is perfectly fine. In fact, having one will help us control our cravings and avoid coming to the point that we cannot control ourselves and indulge ourselves in junk food like there's no tomorrow. Satisfying our cravings every once in a while is fine as long as we don't overdo it. That is one of the characteristics of having discipline, we learn to control ourselves and tend not overdo it. There are other characteristics involving discipline but I'll save that for another topic. With that said, discipline is the key to a healthy mind and body.

This blog is not only about losing weight but also about having a healthy mind and body, becoming fit and the most important thing which is being happy. I made this health and wellness blog to not only keep me motivated but also to share what I've learn and will learn in my journey to achieving wellness. Just keep in mind that we all have different metabolisms and unique body structures and characteristics. What is effective for me may not be effective for you. Try to experiment on different things to help you with your goal like what I'm going to do with mine for the coming days ahead. I'm not a fitness instructor nor a health expert but I will be sharing you the things that I tried and the experiences I got from it regardless if it is effective or not for me so you can try it for yourself and see if it works for you. It may take long for results to come out but what matters is we keep on going and see it all the way through.